4 Cheap Best wine coolers | Fridge reviews 2018-Top rated wine chillers and cellars

If you’re a wine lover and likes to enjoy it with your food, then you should have collection of different brands of wines at home. And also you need the best wine coolers to protect wine bottles to temperature and light conditions that will make wine bad. We know it is really a tedious process to choose the Best Wine Refrigerators in 2018 with so many on the market and a lot of models look pretty similar. We have picked up best rated coolers with latest reviews which meet all your expectations with out compromise.

This is the ultimate Buyers guide to choose Top rated wine coolers in 2018. Read honest reviews by real users with video below. Listed cheap and best wine fridge with comparison chart. Read 7 things to consider before purchasing best wine chiller below. Click here to read about the best under counter wine cooler, if you are planning to buy them.

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best wine coolers

We spent countless hours for searching number of models of different brands for reviews, ratings and price to pick cheap wine cooler with very good specifications.

Before writing this guide we have tested number of models, compared features and specs and finally by considering consumer reviews.

After reading our article, you no need to read reviews from other websites to find the best wine fridge, as we covered all aspects in the point customer needs.

We make this process of selection of top rated wine coolers simpler by writing complete guide with full technical specifications and in-depth reviews.

With this guide you can buy best wine cellar quickly, so that you can more time for enjoying a perfect glass with minimal time on shopping.

Which is the best wine cellar to buy?

There are number of wine chiller brands in the market like Avanti, Edgestar, Danby, Nutrichef, Ivation, Wine Enthusiast, Magic chef, Koldfront, Whynter, Igloo etc. There are certain the best wine fridge brands that you should not miss to read their reviews.

Out of these brands we have listed 4 best wine cooler brands and their reviews by customers who are already using them from last one year. Nutichef and Ivation are the best rated coolers.

best wine fridge

Best 6 bottle wine coolers

We have listed 2 wine refrigerators of 6 bottle capacity below.

Westinghouse WWT060MB Thermal Electric 6 bottle wine cooler

This Westinghouse WWT060MB works on thermal electric cooling technology and chills your liquor at required temperature.This model available in black color.

Wine Enthusiast 272 03 07 Silent 6 Bottle Touchscreen Wine fridge

This Wine Enthusiast 272 03 07 is of black color with six bottle capacity, very silent operation with touch screen temperature adjustment control.

Best 8 bottle wine coolers

We have listed wine cooler of 8 bottle capacity below.

Firebird New 8-Bottle Thermoelectric Quiet Operation Wine Refrigerator

Best 12 bottle wine coolers

We have listed 2 wine cellars of 12-bottle capacity below.

Avanti EWC1201 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine chiller

Igloo FRW133 12-Bottle Wine Cooler with Digital Temperature Display

Click here if you want to read reviews of the best 18-bottle wine coolers, 24 bottle coolers, 28 bottle wine coolers.

Do you want to know how to load bottles in wine cellar? click here to watch this video.

Our 4 Best wine coolers Recommendations

Wine coolerCapacityDimensionsweight
18 Bottle20 x 13.6 x 25.4 inches 33.1 pounds
18 Bottle26.5 x 22.1 x 15.5 inches 35.7 pounds
18 Bottle20.2 x 9.9 x 37.5 inches 36 pounds
12 Bottle20.2 x 10 x 25.2 inches 27 pounds

How to Properly Store Wine with a Freestanding Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler reviews

Lets start reading reviews of real users reviews below. If you are interested to read detailed post of Marvel wine cooler reviews then click here.

NutriChef Wine Cooler review-The Best wine Fridge

  • NutriChef PKTEWC12 Wine Chiller has thermoelectric cooling technology with adjustable temperature control both in Celsius and Fahrenheit selectable.
  • All settings can be adjusted by digital touch button display panel without opening the refrigerator door and chilled air will not escape from cooler.
  • It is designed as free Standing type with Cooling Unit which is perfectly suitable for Home or Office and the best rated wine coolers among others.
  • This wine cooler was made up of stainless steel which protects from rusting.It has special room for standing bottles in the cooling compartment.
  • It can hold eighteen wine bottles and it is called as 18 bottle wine refrigerator.This wine refrigerator includes polished chrome wine racks and wine cooler fridge for Wine Enthusiasts.

Some Special features:

  • This beverage fridge will keep both red and white wine cool by maintaining required temperature for both types of wine.
  • LED lights provide illumination when you open cooler door, other impressive features include built circulation fan and ventilation grill.
  • It has air tight seal glass door which keeps perfect chilled air remains inside wine cellar.
  • This nutrichef wine chiller is the best thermoelectric wine cooler which ensures efficient wine storage at the ideal temperature .
  • It is very much quiet during its operation and perfectly suitable for home and office. Even you can take rest near by it.
  • NutriChef PKTEWC12 Wine Chiller is covered under one year warranty with wine cabinet.
  • This wine fridge has internal volume of 35 Liters and temperature range can be maintained between 50 to 64° Fahrenheit.
  • Its housing strongly made up of Thermoplastic ABS material, just 25.7 lbs weight with dimensions: 9.9″ x 19.7″ x 25.0″ and wine fridge cabinet size also will be enough for storing beverage bottles.

Customer’s opinion:

Some customers expressed it is holding 18 bottle perfectly and it is compact, looks great and fits in a corner of a room.

Some users mentioned about amazing feature that is its temperature is easy to set from touch screen and keeps wine in perfectly chilled condition for longer duration.

During its operation truly whisper quiet and cooled down to lower temperature of 52F in about an hour on a very warm summer day.

Some users after trying two different brands felt this wine cellar is the best among wine cooler brands.

One point to note with this model is space between shelves is little narrow, due to this you have to spend some time for adjusting wine bottles in both wine compartments.


This brand wine cellar price is reasonable, easy to install and works perfectly. It is the top rated fridge and highly recommended for people who looking for best wine cellar with good quality and affordable price.

Ivation Wine fridge review-The Best wine cellar in 2017

  • Ivation IV-FWCT181B 18 bottle wine cellar is the best seller among other brands in the amazon website.
  • Like nutrichef wine fridge, it also had digital temperature LCD display with Touch controls and efficient thermoelectric cooling .
  • Ivation 18 Bottle Wine Chiller is the best rated wine coolers in the market among 18 bottle wine cellar capacity.
  • It will maintain consistent temperature for red and white wines while preserving wine quality with rich taste.
  • This free standing innovative cheap wine refrigerator which can store both red and white wines, so that one can enjoy real flavour of wine.
  • This is the best wine cooler which protects the quality and taste of your wines longer time and it can be used for short time wine storage also.
  • Its temperature can be adjusted between 12 to18 degrees Celsius which is the ideal temperature for wines ageing to takes place.
  • This Ivation IV-FWCT181B is the best freestanding wine cooler among other brands.
  • It was surrounded by insulation made of CFC-free polyurethane foam which protects from chilled air missing from wine cooler.
    This unit had dimensions of 13.5″ x 20″ x 25.4, rated power of 65W and its net weight is 14.5 kg (32 lbs.)
  • In this Ivation model 8, 12, 18 bottle and 18 bottle dual zone wine coolers also available.

Customer’s opinion:

Some customers impressed by its very easy to use programmable features and Light weight.

It had built in drawer for sliding out which make bottles even more accessible and perfect for all needs.

No customer complained about its durability, reliability and the functioning, all are happy with their purchase.

One user suggested not using wine cooler outdoor purpose like garage.

Because of high temperatures in the garage, wine refrigerator has to struggle for keeping consistent temperature and it may lead to shortening of its life.

Some consumers had issues with display and sometimes got struck, after power restart of wine cooler it worked fine.

You may face some issues like some of long wine bottles will not fit and size of compartment is fixed.

You can store wine bottles of regular size, but if you want keep too long wine bottles door may not close properly. Overall it is a very nice product for the wine bottles that were able fit in it.


It is highly recommend those who are planning to buy best wine fridge for anyone who wants to cool wine bottles of your favorite wines.

Wine Enthusiast wine chiller review-Top rated wine coolers

Click here to read detailed in-depth Wine Enthusiast wine cooler review.

Some important Specifications are given below:

  •   It is thermoelectric, energy-efficient, ETL approved and CFC-free wine cooler. 
  • There are two zones: top one holds 8 bottles and bottom can store 10bottles.
  • Top zone adjustable temperature range of 54-66°F and Bottom zone  of 46-66°F.
  • It can reach maximum ambient temperature of 77°F and freestanding model .
  • Exterior digital touchscreen with temperature display and interior LED lighting.
  • Reflective smoked-glass  door with stainless steel trim and seven pull-out chrome shelves.
  • This is Silent 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Enthusiast slimline Wine Cooler with Upright Storage.

Avanti wine coolers review – The best wine cooler 2017

  • Avanti EWC1201 twelve Bottle Thermoelectric wine fridge is the Best Seller in Freestanding Wine Cellars.
  • It can hold 12 beverage bottles in total and works on efficient Thermoelectric Cooling technology.
  • It is compact and light weight counter top model which can be placed on table or chair and easily fits in any room.
  • Its amazing feature is the upright section, where you can put open bottles instead of getting them too cold in the fridge.
  • It fit perfectly in my cabinet and very nice. It gives great flexibility for storing wine bottles as your wish.
  •  Some long and large bottles can be placed vertically on the lower left side or positioned horizontally.
  • It weighs only 27 pounds and dimensions are 20.2 x 10 x 25.2 inches which fits any where you wish.
  • There are number of models of Avanti with different capacity like 12, 24, 38 etc.

Customer’s opinion:

It is energy efficient top rated fridge which cools wine bottles with in no time and saves your electricity bill.

Some users wished to have LED light indication for the temperature green or red instead of a bright sky blue which sometimes irritates during night.

Some customers expected to have an integral lock for protecting toddlers to open and use it. However the controls require unlocking before use, it becomes difficult for kids to set the temperature.


This Avanti EWC1201 twelve Bottle wine cooler is highly recommended for those who want best wine coolers with aesthetic looking, energy efficient and quick chilling under budget.

Cheap wine coolers

If you seriously concern about budget you can go for low capacity models like 6 bottle wine storage types which are available in Magic Chef and other brands.Check below inexpensive wine coolers listed below.

Magic Chef MCWC6B 6 Bottle wine cooler- cheap wine fridge

  • It is the cheap wine cooler in the 6 bottle capacity.

Some important features include Sculpted chrome shelves with Quiet thermoelectric cooling ranging between 46ºF – 64ºF,  Interior Light and Recessed Handle.These specifications make the Magic Chef MCWC6B the best wine cooler brands among cheap wine chillers.That is the reason Magic Chef MCWC6B is 6 Bottle affordable wine cooler.

wine cooler reviews

Why do you need best rated wine coolers?

Basically wine coolers also called wine chillers or wine fridge or wine refrigerators or wine cellars are used for wine storage at a specific temperatures ranging from 45-64 degrees based on red or white wines. This can be achieved with top rated wine coolers.

Wine enthusiasts like to buy and store wine bottles in bulk. A wine chiller comes with a different range of prices, bottle capacities and dimensions.Read below top rated wine refrigerators review.

How to choose the Best Wine Refrigerator in 2018?

There are certain factors to be kept in mind before selecting wine cellar in 2018.

What type of wine you drink?

If you are fan of both type of wines (red or white). Then this is the most important factor to be considered before buying wine cooler.

1.Single-zone or Dual-zone wine cooler

If you like to drink just red wine or just white wine then a single-zone wine cooler will be sufficient for you.

You have to know that different temperature ranges are to be maintained in the cooler for red wine and white wine.

If you drink both types of wine, then you might require cooler with two compartments i.e dual-zone cooler.

Even though you drink just one type of wine (red or white), we suggest you to go for a dual-compartment unit as it can be useful for storing wine and some times dessert wines.

You have to keep all wines at 55 degrees for few hours before being served. And also you have to let out wine from fridge and should keep the wine at room temperature to warm up.

Do you have habit of drinking on a regular basis (Ardent drinker)?

You have to decide based on your habit of whether you will drink daily, how many bottles you drink per week and how often you buy wine bottles.

2.Larger or smaller cooler?

Suppose you shop once in two weeks , buy more wine bottles at a time and like  to drink every day then you have choose larger cooler model.

Because it involves stocking of all wine bottles which you have purchased in bulk.

Choose smaller cooler if you are not an ardent drinker and only stock limited number of wine bottles.

Go for large best wine chiller if you give more parties to your friends at home.

3.Your environmental conditions and protective features:

You have to consider environmental factors before purchasing a wine fridge. If you live in extremely hot and humid areas then some coolers could not keep wine cool for required temperature.

Because wine refrigerator has to cool to lower temperatures to maintain required temperature by managing up with external warm climate by few degrees. Then it is highly recommend to opt for wine chiller which has low temperature features.

If you place your cooler in ventilation nearby windows, wine may get damaged by UV radiation from sun light. Opt for model which has tinted doors, or layered glass or keep it in dark room.

Most wine chillers have LED lights inside the cooler to provide illumination without damaging rays.

If you want to go for built in wine cooler models (as it did not have ventilation), check for wine fridge to have carbon filters to safeguard bottles from kitchen odour.

4.Do you have Budget limitations?

Always this is one of the important factors to be considered before buying wine coolers.

Wine chillers are available from below $100 to above $1,000. You have to pick top rated wine fridge based on your budget and drinking habits.

In general price of a wine cooler mainly depends on the size of the cooler, you can choose by balancing budget, size and features of fridge.

The high end expensive wine chillers will have more add on features like changeable hinges, better quality shelves and locking doors with much larger cooler size.

And also other protective features like odour control carbon filters and UV rays protection control.

Except size of the cooler, other things like UV rays protection and odour can be taken care by keeping in dark room away from kitchen.

5.Space for installation:

You should opt for stand-alone or built-in coolers based on your choice of use and convenience.

Built-In Coolers are bit costly because they do not require ventilation and do not occupy floor space in your home.

If you want to put on counter then you need compact model and avoid wine cellar with ventilation at back side.

6.What type of cooling technology required?

Compression vs. thermoelectric technology

A compressor cooling technology is similar to refrigerator or air-conditioner.It uses Freon gas vapor compression cycle to remove heat.

Compressor wine chiller is required where outside temperatures in your environment is higher i.e above 35 degrees centigrade.By using this type of wine chillers, you will get more electricity bill.

But the advantage is it will keep cool inside the wine cellar cabinet irrespective of climatic variations.

A thermoelectric cooler uses Peltier effect in which heat will be removed from the internal cabinet of wine fridge.

These wine chillers are used only with moderate temperature climates. If thermoelectric wine chiller is used at higher temperatures, it has to struggle hard to keep needed temperature in interior wine cabinet.

But it is energy efficient technology and saves your electricity bill, finally your money.

7.Reviews and Warranty:

Read wine coolers review before buying the top rated wine fridge.You can check detailed article with reviews, rating and price in this website.

Warranty is another significant factor to be considered.Most of the wine chillers are available with one year warranty.If you find any wine cooler with more warranty you can buy without any doubt.

The Best wine chiller will have all above characteristics necessary  for functioning wine cellar perfectly.

best wine refrigerator

Where to buy top rated wine refrigerators?

You can buy top wine coolers in online like amazon.com, best buy or offline market. Where ever you buy read wine coolers reviews completely and make a decision.


Final thoughts:

We hope this post helped you for choosing the top wine coolers after reading wine cooler reviews post. Consider buying cheap wine coolers with 6 bottle capacity, if you have budget constraint. Please Check  Amazon best selling wine cellars to see more options from all the top rated wine fridge brands available in market. If you have questions on this best refrigerator reviews post free to contact us.In this article we have listed only top rated fridge out of many models after filtering based on reviews and ratings of real customers.