Wort chiller helps you to chill wort temperature to 70 Fahrenheit from 212°F quickly. There are number of wort chiller brands available in local store or market. Choosing correct type of chiller saves your time in beer brewing at home and you can enjoy real flavor of home made beer. In this article we have reviewed the best wort chiller for 10 gallon batches below. Please check below to read review of Homebrew Immersion Wort Chiller. If you want to know how immersion chiller works? then click here.

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immersion wort chiller

Review of Homebrew immersion wort chiller

This Homebrew immersion wort chiller will decrease your wort to some proper yeast temperature quickly, in order to save you time. Complete guide to how to make beer at home with kit?

Having a 3/4″ female hose fitting that will affix to most utility kitchen sink faucets, this copper wort chiller is simple to incorporate into the beer brewing process.

Its store tube allows water that has been warmed through hot wort in order to exit the pipe and into your kitchen sink, without a mess.

Important specifications are Vinyl inlet hose of 7′ lengthy, outlet hose pipe of 5′ long, coils height 6 inches and diameter 10 inches, copper tube OD: 3/8″.

It is always suggested to buy 50 feet tube instead of 25 feet if you want to chill wort  above 10 gallon batches. Homebrew chiller is well known to all home beer brewers. Read article about best home brew kits in 2018.

It is very easy to use.
Brings wort temperature to 70 in 30-40 minutes.

Affordable price range.


  1. It may leak without proper care.
  2. Need to buy extra hardware like clamps to arrest leaks from hose.
  3. Output hose is too short.

Conclusion: It is highly recommended to buy those want to cool wort in a breeze.

If you have no budget constraint then go for plate or counterflow wort chiller instead of immersion type as former can chill wort in no time. Click here to read reviews by amazon users or best selling wort chillers in Amazon.

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