Edgestar vs Kegco vs Nostalgia vs Danby Kegerators Comparison chart

If you are planning to buy a kegerator or draft beer dispenser, comparing features of  all beer dispensers is tedious procedure. We have made your purchasing procedure simple by comparing all top models specifications like Kegco vs edgestar vs Danby vs nostalgia. Do you want to compare kegerator features? and not able to decide which one is the best?

Then we have posted here a kegerator comparison chart to select the best model and brand to fit your requirements. Click here to read Amazon user reviews and best selling kegerators.
Disclaimer: Please note that  product information and specifications may vary, so please check manufacturer’s website for the correct information.

Our recommendation on choosing best home kegerator:

We recommend buying Kegco kegerator if you have enough budget because it has very good features and designed with advanced technology to keep beer chill. However you can compare different beer dispensers in below table.  If you have budget constraint but want to buy full size kegerator then select Edgestar or nostalgia brands. If you did not have enough budget and even happy with mini version of kegerators then check best small kegerator it will be available from $150.

 Comparison Table  for Edgestar vs Kegco vs Nostalgia vs Danby Kegerators

Comparison termEdgeStarKegcoNostalgiaDanby
Kegerator imageedgestar kegerator reviews
EdgeStar KC2000
Kegco K309SS-2 kegerator review
Kegco K309SS-2
Nostalgia kegerator review krs2100

Nostalgia KRS2100
Danby kegerator
Danby DKC146SLDB
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
RegulatorSingle GaugeSingle gaugeDouble gaugeSingle gauge
CO2 tank size5 lb. Aluminum5 lb. aluminum2.5 lb aluminium5 lb. aluminum
CouplerDomestic “D” System SankeyD system lever handleAmerican Sankey "D"D system
Casters4 available4 available4 available4 available
Draft Tower Stainless Steel Columnchrome plated metal chrome beer tapChrome, steel finish
Weight81.6 pounds97 pounds90 pounds113 pounds
Size28 x 16.75 x 15.5 inches23.7 x 23.7 x 33 inches20.3 x 26 x 32 inches24 x 24.2 x 35.1 inches
Temperature RangeLow 30 F34 to 45 FMid to high 30s FMid to high 30s F
Door MaterialBlackBlackBlackStainless Steel
Capacity (Cu ft.)5.1 cu. ft.4.9 cu. ft.5.1 cu. ft.5.8 cu.ft.
Reversible DoorYesYesNoYes

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You can build a kegerator from fridge at home by using conversion kit. We have compiled kegerators comparison chart for using at home. Read here the benefits of owning a Kegerator.

kegerator comparision chart


Edgestar, kegco and danby models have single guage regulator where as nostalgia has double guage regulators. CO2 tank size in Edgestar, kegco and danby models are 5 lb volume and aluminum make. For nostalgia its CO2 tank size is 2.5 lb aluminum make. If you are interested in edgestar kegerator reviews then read customers opinion to understand Pros and cons.

Draft tower is made up of Stainless Steel Column in edgestar KC2000 review, where as in kegco K309SS-1 and nostalgia DKC5811BSL model draft tower made of chrome plated metal.

Despite the fact that other kegerators are low-priced, The KC2000 is built to attain industry requirements and exceed expectations to make sure optimum client satisfaction. We suggest EdgeStar compared to other kegerator brands for many reasons.

These types of units can effortlessly accomplish temperatures within the low 30s without getting stuck your drink of choice, as the high-end stainless-steel tower as well as industry regular chrome plated brass tap assure with regard to long-lasting sturdiness.

The NSF approved air flow and light beer lines can handle ruthless and are popular in breweries, bars as well as restaurants in contrast to competitors slim, low quality lines-this means much less maintenance and much more time taking pleasure in perfectly chilled beer.

Each EdgeStar Kegerators come ready with five lb. carbon dioxide (CO2) tanks that supply sufficient carbon dioxide with regard to 5 to 7 kegs. Click here to read Nostalgia KRS2100 reviews with Comparison guide.

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We hope this kegco vs Edgestar kegerators comparison chart  along with other models like nostalgia and Danby helped you to take decision to buy new beer dispenser. Check Best selling kegerators in Amazon to compare other features like budget and ratings.