Many first time buyers confused to choose good kegerator to use comfortably at home. I have prepared comprehensive review guide based on my experience and other customer reviews by considering their ratings. In this post I am writing detailed in-depth EdgeStar kegerator reviews of KC2000.

Read detailed review by Amazon users of edgestar kegerator KC2000 model.

edgestar KC2000 review

I am using EdgeStar KC2000 full size kegerator since one year. It helped me to taste fresh draft beer at home and saved me so much money.

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edgestar KC2000

Some important specifications are given below.

  • Input voltage: 115 V/60 Hz
  • Power: 105 W/1.5 A
  • Weight: 81.6 lbs
  • Internal Dimensions: 28″ H x 16 3/4″ W x 15 1/2″ D
  • External Dimensions (w/ draft tower): 48 1/2″ H x 20 1/10″ W x 24 13/16″ D

Watch the video explaining Edgestar KC2000 kegerator Keg assembly.

EdgeStar kegerator KC2000 reviews :

EdgeStar is the best-selling brands among kegerators in amazon. Among all models the KC2000 is the best-selling kegerator from Edgestar brand.

This EdgeStar KC2000 is our favorite beer kegerator among all other models of edgestar beer dispenser. It is affordably priced for people who are new to craft beers or experienced beer caretakers. Click here to read article about edgestar kegerator parts available in market.


  • EdgeStar Ultra Low Temperature kegerator can be configured for temperatures in the low 30s and mid 40s.
  • It can be easily converted to a refrigerator and perfectly suitable for occasional beer enthusiasts who are just starting out before spending on a commercial unit.
  • This edgestar KC2000 beer dispenser is capable of storing one full-size keg, one pony keg, one slim pony keg, 2 different sixth barrel kegs or home-brew kegs in refrigeration chamber.
  • One more advantage is Co2 gas tank can be mounted on back side of unit allowing you to have more interior space.
  • It is manufactured with high quality Stainless Steel Column Draft Tower , Protective metal floor plate and Chrome Plated Brass Faucet which gives long life for your kegerator without rusting.
  • You can move this beer keg wherever you want as it was included casters for easy mobility.
  • KC2000 was provided with two piece drip tray which catches spills to contain drips and messes.


  • A few customers complained that they had issues with faulty thermostats and loud compressors. However they solved with proper thermostat calibration by using EdgeStar KC2000 guide and customer service support.
  • Some buyers had issues with perfect balancing of CO2 regulator and later they have solved with experience.
  • As it does not support use of Coors, Miller, rubberized or other oversized kegs and do not go for it if you are using non stand kegs.
  • It is little noisier initially when you switch on than some other models.

Conclusion :

Finally EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator is ideal for those who could not spend much money but want super quality kegerator under $500. You can also check Amazon’s Best sellers in kegerator category to get more idea.

If you are not satisfied with review of EdgeStar kegerator KC2000 model, then you can check EdgeStar KC3000 Full Size Kegerator model. EdgeStar KC3000SS is TWIN faucet Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital Display which is Black in color and made of Stainless Steel.