There are lot of advantages to gain knowledge on kegerator parts, accessories and its functioning.  You can tweak it to optimal settings like temperature and carbonation level (proper pressure) to enjoy perfect pour of beer. Also you can carry out minor troubleshooting when it became malfunctioned. In this guide I have explained everything about each and every component of beer dispenser in detail. Click here to check top selling kegerator parts in amazon.

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The main important parts of kegerator are listed below.

  1. Keg
  2. Regulator
  3. Beer lines
  4. Faucet
  5. Shank
  6. Keg Coupler
  7. Drip tray
  8. 5 lb. Aluminium CO2 tank
  9. Guard rail
  10. NSF Approved Beer Line
  11. Vinyl Air Line

Kegerator parts overview  

You can see diagram containing Edgestar kegerator parts list given below.



A keg is a container which stores beer cold inside a kegerator for longer duration without losing quality. Read complete article about best cheap kegs with storage capacity of each type.

Keg parts diagram

 Keg-parts Keg Coupler

A keg coupler is the most important part of kegerator. Actually it connects compressed gas line from CO2 tank and valve from Keg. It gives. The most used coupler type in USA brewing companies is ‘D’ Coupler which is also called American Sankey Keg Coupler.

Kegco KC KT85D-L Beer Keg Coupler D System Tap Lever Handle




Perlick US Sankey Keg Coupler-D System


Ball Lock Home Brew Keg Tap

You can check Beer keg tap parts in below diagram


Regulator & Co2 tank

There are two types of regulators viz. single and double gauge for CO2 control.

It helps to check the CO2 pressure amount and alos how much quantity of CO2 present in CO2 tank.

You can see top diagram showing all kegerator tap parts.

In market you will get 5 lb. Aluminum tank for CO2 storage and Co2 pressure will be controlled by regulator. You have to set ideal pressure to get perfect fresh craft beer.

Beer tap (Faucet) parts and its handles

Kegerator faucet parts contain handle and tap. The beer flows out from kegerator via faucet (a spigot-like tap).You have to clean faucet regularly as it becomes dirty quickly. You have to pull faucet handle to release the beer from the tap. Check below diagram showing beer tap handle parts.

Draft Warehouse Beer Faucet and 4-Inch Shank Kit with Black Handle


Beer tower

Beer tower will have tube connection from faucet to keg by using beer lines. It should be tall enough to fit bigger glasses under tap. You can check diagram of draft beer kegerator tower parts below.


Drip Tray

The drip tray collects leakage from faucets while filling beer to glass. It will be located under the beer faucet.

Guard Rail

Guard railing helps to prevent beer glasses from falling off from the top of the kegerator. It adds magnificent look to your beer dispenser.


Casters allow you to move kegerator any room of your building without burden of lifting. These are supplied four in number and fitted under kegerator to make it portable.

Faucet Wrench

Faucet wrench helps for changing beer faucet on your beer tower and also it fits almost any kegerator faucet for great flexibility.

Where to buy kegerator parts near me?

You can buy kegerator replacement parts in or any local store. There are wide varieties of beer dispenser parts available in amazon. You can select different brands parts by reading reviews.

Kegerator accessories

keg accessories

It allows you to connect keg dispenser to other types of kegs viz. English stout, Bavarian porter etc.

EdgeStar TBC50-ACC EdgeStar Mini Keg Beer Dispenser Accessory Kit.

List of accessories of kegerator are given below.

  1. keg tap
  2. regulator
  3. CO2 cartridges
  4. reusable seals (keg not included)
  • Beertower Cooler: One of the main causes of foamy beer is a warm beer tower.
  • Perlick Faucets: These are one of the main upgrades that new beer fridge owners perform on their machines.
  • Cleaning Kit: You will have to clean your beer lines every two weeks so might as well. You have to buy a kit early from amazon.

Kegerator accessories helps you attach keg, coupler and other parts to kegerator.

We hope this article helped you to understand about kegerator parts and accessories. Check and buy best selling kegerator parts like beer tower parts, keg parts etc. Read article how to make a kegerator at home with conversion kit.