Many first time buyers of kegerator may confuse to choose good one to use at home. In this post we have written comprehensive review guide based on my experience and other customer reviews by considering their ratings.

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nostalgia KRS2100 review

I am using Nostalgia KRS2100 kegerator since one year. It saved me lot of money and used to drink draft beer at the convenience of home.

The Nostalgia Full Size Kegerator is the suitable option for Draft Beer enthusiastic persons. It is featuring 5.1 cubic foot capacity with a spring-loaded tap which give more comfort for dispensing of beer easily during large party events.

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Nostalgia beer dispensers Comparison chart:

nostalgia KRS2100 kegerator review


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Nostalgia krs2100

Nostalgia review of KRS2100 kegerator

Nostalgia is provided with dual tap system (American Sankey “D” ) and double meter regulator that makes the beer flow easily. It is ideal for backyard barbecues, rec rooms or in the man cave.

This Nostalgia supports following keg sizes only: 1/6 Barrel (5.23 Gallons), 1/4 Barrel Short (7.75 Gallons), 1/4 Barrel Slim (7.75 Gallons), 1/2 Barrel (15.5 Gallons). If you want to buy best cheap kegs near you then click the link to know more details. Read guide to choose budget friendly kegerator in 2018.


  • Nostalgia Full Size Draft Beer Dispenser has a 13-inch beer tap tower which gives more convenience for filling of beer in different size of pegs and empty beer bottles.
  • The chrome guardrail protects falling of glass pegs, while dispensing the beer.
  • Its Stainless steel removable drip tray can be cleaned easily without rusting and also non-breakable as it is not made of plastic.
  • Provided with 2.5 lb CO2 tank which creates sufficient tank pressure making it effortless to produce the perfect pour.
  • It also provided with high quality keg coupler which can be attached easily and gives more flexibility for beer flow quickly.
  • It is very much quite during operation, very little noise was observed from compressor.
  • Its four rolling casters allow you to move kegerator easily to desired location. Check information about beer kegerator parts.
  • This is one of the great kegerator, especially for this price. There is absolutely no issue with getting the beer cold enough.


  • Some customers complained keg tower rubber washer was not installed by default.
  • Due to that cool air will escape between the tower and fridge. However this issue solved by buying washer from market and install in kegerator.
  • The nice side effect of this design is that the tower is basically cooled, so less stale beer in the line.


It is the best seller at amazon in Beer Keg Refrigerators. Even though there are small issues before year 2011, Nostalgia solved all problems and it became good option to buy and use at home comfortably.

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