Best Beverage refrigerator reviews

It gives good relaxation having a favorite beverage after a long working day in office or at the beginning of a party with friends. But to enjoy sip of beverage you like, you should have a beverage cooler with accurate temperature control to store all those cans and bottles. Some coolers will not maintain proper temperature and cool unevenly due to ineffective cooling systems. It is important to choose the best beverage coolers which give precise, good climate control and reliable function with efficient storage of beverage bottles. We know it is difficult to select most reliable beverage fridge as there are number of model and brands in the market which looks similar. In this guide we have shortlisted top rated beverage refrigerator brands by testing number of models for 36 hours and also considering reviews, ratings, features, price with comparison chart. Check Top selling Beverage fridges at Amazon.

best beverage fridge reviews

4 Best Beverage cooler brands

  1. EdgeStar CBR1501SLD
  2. Avallon ABR241SGRH
  3. Kalamera Beverage refrigerator
  4. Whynter BR-091WS

Beverage refrigerator reviews

Here we compiled in-depth reviews of beverage coolers which will help you to choose ideal cooler.

EdgeStar CBR1501SLD – Top rated beverage coolers

Edgestar beverage refrigeratorThis is best rated beverage cooler among all brands with less drawbacks. Edgestar CBR1501SLD can be used for Freestanding or built-in application and can store 142 standard 12 oz. cans. Its great compressor-based cooling allows you to adjust temperature using digital display control from 38 to 50 degrees F. It includes Built-in carbon filter, Auto defrost and Factory installed lock. Some other features are glass shelves with reversible door made from stainless steel. It weighs 97 lbs and Dimensions with handle are 33 1/2″ H x 23 1/2″ W x 24 3/4″ D.

Please note that you can use this drinks fridge for indoor purpose.



You can move the shelves to adjust the height for bottles or cans.

It is much quieter and will not make noise like other brands.

Easy to change door opening from one side to the other.

It is sleek and effective with professional built appearance


It cannot be used for outdoor purpose. Try CBR1501SSOD model for it.

Avallon ABR241SGRH

Avallon ABR241SGRH drinks coolerThis Avallon ABR241SGRH can be used as built-in or freestanding Beverage Cooler, adjustable temperature range from 34F to 50F and stores upto 152 standard sized soda or beer cans. Touch control panel with white LED temperature display helps you to operate with ease. Another impressive feature in Avallon which did not present in Edgestar CBR1501SLD is powerful circulation fans which distribute compressor cooled air all inside of fridge to keep even cooling.  It weighs 114 pounds and dimensions are 23.7 x 23.9 x 34.5 inches.




It includes a true-key lock to prevent unauthorized usage.

It has three adjustable sanded glass shelves with Counter Depth of 24 inches. So you will enough space to store your alcohol or soda cans.

Highly Durable and perfectly designed to provide maximum insulation.


Only right hinged door, whereas Edgestar can be fitted with right and left hinges.

It will cycle the air on and off constantly with in short period i.e. less cycling time.


kalamera drink fridgeKalamera drink cooler has 6 removable racks, so that you can keep beverage bottles like soda, beer etc of any size. It can be used for both free-standing and built-in purpose and designed to occupy less space in room. Its compressor maintains 38-50°F temperature (digital control) with fewer stops and start cycles.

It’s another worth mentioning feature is temperature memory function which will reinstate the temperature set in the cooler before power lost. It has regular features which are in other brands like reversible door with security lock, in-built carbon filter etc.

It weighs 72.8 pounds and dimensions with handle are W14.9” x H33.9” x D24.2”.



It works very quietly and designed with elegant blue LED lighting to canned beverages visible.

It cools evenly with minimum vibrations.


Shelves are cheap, flimsy and weak.

Whynter BR-091WS

whynter Whynter BR-091WS drinks refrigerator can be used for freestanding setup and stores 90 standard 12 oz. cans. Its compressor cooling along with internal fan-forced air circulation allows you to set temperature range from high 30ºF – mid 60ºF. Other features like Reversible door, interior LED lighting, security lock etc.

It weighs 48.5 pounds and dimensions are 18.5 x 17 x 25 inches with 2.5 cubic-feet capacity. It has 3 slide-out wire shelves with top, second, Third, Bottom shelf capacity of 15, 25, 25 and 25 cans respectively.




It is budget friendly beverage cooler.

Extremely quiet and internal fan-forced air circulation helps even cooling.


It comes with mechanical temperature control.

It cannot be used as built in beverage fridge.

Things to consider while buying the Best Beverage fridge

Type of beverage cooler:

There are three types of beverage fridges Countertop, undercounter and compact mini fridge styles available in market. Choose the model based on space available in your kitchen and your needs.


Beverage refrigerators are available from $100 to above $1,000. You have to spend more if you want commercial-grade, full-size unit with several compartments and multiple cooling systems. If you have budget constraint, then go for countertop and compact models which will be available from $100 to $250. We recommend you not to select model below $200, as it may die early and you have to spend more money for repairs in future. Give importance to reliability of cooler than money.

Top-shelf drink coolers have precise digital temperature controls, double-layered glass doors with insulations to maintain correct temperature inside the cooler. Other premium features like two or three independent storage zones each with its own temperature control and storage space.


Beverage coolers are available in different sizes and have to chosen based on your storage space required. You can buy countertop or standalone models which can store 75 to 120 cans and they are suitable for small families. If you’re storing wide variety of beverages like wine, beer, soda, hard cider, etc which need to be kept at different temperatures, go for bigger size with independent storage zones.

Type of drinks and preferences:

This depends on type of drinks you will take, which will be below room temperature or above the freezing point.

You have to select beverage fridge with appropriate temperature range of drinks you’ll be storing and consuming. For example if you like to darker beers like ales which should be stored in warmer temperatures, while lagers are tasted better at chilled temperature and are to kept under deep cooling point.


For some of the brands quality control is not very good. It is very important to buy durable equipment up front which will have good compressor system and fridge with more metal parts, like shelves, hinges and handles.

Go for beverage cooler with LED lights which last longer than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Most beverage fridge models will come with 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, which isn’t very long. We recommend you to buy extra warranty coverage for beverage coolers as they may misbehave after one year.


We finally recommend you to buy either EdgeStar CBR1501SLD or Avallon ABR241SGRH beverage coolers as both has great features with good reviews. Click here to check top selling beverage refrigerators in Amazon.