If you are ardent drinker then you can buy wine bottles in bulk and store in wine coolers to age them.In this article we have covered everything about things to mull over before buying the best under counter wine coolers.  We have shortlisted after 52 hours of testing number of Built-in wine refrigerators  and taking into account of customer reviews, ratings, features and last but not least price. Click here to read review of Marvel wine cooler. Also Check Top selling under counter wine coolers in amazon.

best under counter wine cooler

Where to Buy the Best Built-in wine cooler?

You can buy built-in wine fridge in online stores like Amazon.com or any local store. There are wide variety of brands and models in Amazon with customer reviews. So, you can confidently buy best wine refrigerator. Click here to read latest Wine Enthusiast wine cooler reviews.

Top 5 Best under counter wine refrigerator

  1. Kalamera 24 inch 54 Bottle under counter type
  2. Kalamera 15 inch 30 Bottle
  3. EdgeStar CWR531SZ 24 Inch 53 Bottle under cabinet type
  4. EdgeStar CWR262DZ 15 Inch
  5. EdgeStar CWR181SZ 12 Inch 18 Bottle type

Kalamera 24 inch under counter type

Kalamera 24 inch under cabinet wine fridge Kalamera’s 24 inch under counter wine fridge can store 54 wine bottles. It has single-zone program that maintains your wines perfectly chilled to the temperatures that you arranged. It has a good advanced-technology, lower vibration as well as low noises compressor which keeps wines sediments uninterrupted, so wines tastes refreshing and sharp, without any sour aftertaste. Additionally, it have a temperatures memory functionality, will recover the arranged temperature within the cooler right after it is back again on through power dropped, which keeps your own wine selection from heading bad along with increasing temperatures.

The stylish appearance from the unit, having a gleaming stainless-steel frame as well as 3-layer tempered glass doorway, will make this particular refrigerator the welcome inclusion to any space in your home! The inside is lighted by smooth blue LED lighting which showcases your own wine selection when you are enjoyable friends and family. You will find six beech wood shelves inside, made to hold your own wine bottles whilst allowing air flow to flow freely about them, along with a carbon filtration system embedded within to protect towards any smells. This is the best under counter wine refrigerator.


Kalamera 15 inch

Kalamera 15 inch Built-in wine refrigeratorKalamera 15 inch Wine refrigerator can hold 30 wine bottles. It will maintain temperature range of 40-66°F using compressor cooling technology.It can be used for Built-in or freestanding installation.It has some other interesting features like Digital LED temperature control, Blue interior LED light, Security lock with reversible door. It has six adjustable beech wooden shelves. The unit can hold 30 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles, each shelf could store 5 bottles, 2 and 3 bottle lay on the shelves with their heads interweaving and towards each other which is shown in below of this article. When customer want to put some other bigger size wine bottles, the capacity would be less, sometime need to remove 1 shelf to meet the size need.

EdgeStar CWR531SZ 24 Inch

EdgeStar CWR531SZ 24 Inch Wide under counterEdgeStar CWR531SZ 24 Inch Wide under cabinet wine refrigerator can store 53 bottles. It can be Six (6) slide-out removable wood-trimmed wire shelves. It can be used for both  Undercounter or freestanding application.  It works silently because of its Rubber bushing which absorbs vibration and noise from compressor.Its Shelf bottle arrangement allows you to achieve the maximum bottle capacity based on a ‘Typical Bordeaux’ bottle.

It has Auto defrost feature and Reversible double-pane tempered glass door with Security lock and  Blue inside LED illumination. It weighs only 100 lbs with dimensions of 33 1/2″ H x 23 1/2″ W x 22 1/2″ (24 1/2″ w/ handle. For a double zone edition of this product please check CWR461DZ.

EdgeStar CWR262DZ 15 Inch Dual Zone Under counter

EdgeStar CWR262DZ 15 Inch Wide Dual Zone Built-In Wine fridgeThis EdgeStar CWR262DZ dual zone built-in wine cooler is 15 inch width made of stainless steel. It is ideal for replacing a good outdated product such as a garbage compactor as well as allows you to shop and store up to twenty six bottles of the favorite wines. Loaded with functions and a stylish design this particular wine refrigerator is really a popular option that will completely blend in to any house decor.

You can store eight red wine bottles in top zone while maintaining temperature range of 54-65 F. In the same way you can store 18 wine bottles in lower area with temperature range of 40-54 degrees Fahrenheit. It designed with dimensions of 32″ H x 15″ W x 23 1/2″ D, 4 shelves in the lower section and two shelves in the upper section.  Some of the premium features like auto defrost with powerful compressor-based cooling, Black dotted glass door tint, Built-in carbon filter, Blue interior LED lighting, reversible glass door and digital temperature controls with LED display.

 EdgeStar CWR181SZ 12 Inch 18 Bottle under cabinet

 EdgeStar CWR181SZ 12 Inch Wide 18 Bottle small Built-In Wine CoolerEdgeStar CWR181SZ 12 Inch Wide under counter Wine fridge can hold 18 Bottles. It has wide temperature range of 40-65°F, making it perfect for all wine types. It weighs 66 lbs and dimensions of 34 1/4″ H x 11 5/8″ W x 22 5/8″ D.

It has  sleek stainless steel trim door along with soft LED interior lighting and classic slide-out wood trimmed shelves provide better storage of wine bottles. It has powerful circulation fans which allow to evenly distribute compressed cool air throughout wine chiller. It has front ventilation feature allows for flush-with-cabinetry or undercounter installation.


 Types of Wine Refrigerators

There are two types of wine fridge exist. They are freestanding and built-in type models. Check best dual zone wine coolers in 2018.

If you want to know more about free standing wine cooler features and advantages, then click the former link.

If you are planning to purchase built-in type then read below article which helps you make a good decision to buy best under cabinet wine cooler.

EdgeStar CWR181SZ 12 Inch

Under Cabinet Wine coolers

Under Counter Wine coolers also called Built-in or under cabinet wine fridge. In this type most famous are listed below.

  1. Built in dual zone wine cooler
  2. Small built in wine cooler

Numerous under counter models are designed to suit under the countertop and can keep between twenty five to fifty bottles of wine. Not just do you conserve floor space, you could keep your preferred bottles of wine close by and usually ready to open up at your preferred temperature. Bigger built-in models are available and may be prepared during a kitchen area remodel. Under counter coolers tend to be more costly than freestanding wine fridges and you have to spend money on contractor expenses for setting up the unit.

There are many top quality built in wines refrigerators and when they are integrated into your kitchen area plan, they may be conveniently situated. Cost of any under cabinet wine cooler may vary from one model to other model and many can hold twenty five to thirty bottles.  If you want to store one hundred bottles or even more you have to go for top end models which may cost you more than $1000.

Although there are many sizes of wine refrigerators in market, majority of people buying under counter wine cooler 18 inches wide or 24 built in wine cooler or 15 inch wine fridge under cabinet models. Check reviews of edgestar wine cooler here. Also read review of avanti wine fridge here.

Click here to read Customer reviews of Wine cooler in amazon and also check best selling one.